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Antikspiegel und Verfahren zur Herstellung desselben

Antique mirrors and process for their production
: Nedon, W.; Schneider, S.

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DE 1992-4204763 A: 19920218
DE 1992-4204763 A: 19920218
EP 1992-121836 A: 19921222
DE 4204763 C1: 19930603
EP 559967 B1: 19960320
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These types of mirrors have a reflective layer made of tin to obtain the special optical properties. This is obtained by applying a thin foil of Sn on a pane on which Hg is poured. The use of Hg is very unfriendly to the environment and is hazardous to health. According to the invention, the following layer system is applied on a flat-glass pane by vacuum deposition: optically irrelevant adhesion layer made of metal and/or metal oxide, reflective layer made of Sn, protective layer made of Cu or Cu alloy, adhesive layer made of Ti or Ti compound and O<-2 or N<-2, protective varnish. The mirrors are used in castles, museums, galleries, etc.