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Wavelength tunig of high-speed InGaAs-GaAs-AlGaAs pseudomorphic MQW lasers via impurity-free interdiffusion

Verschiebung der Emissionswellenlänge von pseudomorphen InGaAs-GaAs/AlGaAs-Hochgeschwindigkeitslaserdioden mittels deckschichtinduzierter Interdiffusion


IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 7 (1995), pp.941-943 : Abb.,Lit
ISSN: 1041-1135
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
deckschichtinduzierte Interdiffusion; high-speed laser; Hochgeschwindigkeitsdatenübertragung; impurity-free interdiffusion; MQW structures; MQW-Strukturen; strain; Verspannung

The impurity-free interdiffusion technique has been utilized to modify the operating wavelength of high-speed In0.35 Ga0.65 As-GaAs multiple quantum well lasers. Modulation bandwidths of up to 26 GHz (Ibias = 50 mA) and modulation current efficiency factors of 5 GHz/mA1/2 are demonstrated for 3 x 100 My square meter ridge waveguide lasers following wavelength shifts of 32 nm (34 meV). These results demonstrate the feasibility of fabricating monolithic multiple wavelength laser arrays in which each element is capable of low-bias-current direct modulation at bandwidths exceeding 20 GHz.