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Wässrige Beschichtungszusammensetzungen auf der Basis von Polyurethan-Dispersionen und deren Verwendung zum Beschichten von Substraten

Aqueous coating compositions on the basis of polyurethane dispersions and their application for coating substrates

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DE 1989-3903704 A3: 19890208
DE 1989-3903704 A: 19890208
DE 3903704 A1: 19900809
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A description is given of aqueous coating compounds based on polyurethane dispersions together with their use for coating substrates. The coating compounds basically consist of aqueous, non-reactive, physically drying polyurethane dispersions mixed with casein and/or casein/ caprolactam copolymers or aqueous polyvinyl alcohol solutions. The coating compounds form highly elastic and largely tear-resistant protective films on substrates such as leather, wood, textile fabric or parts of the human body. The protective films exhibit high water vapour permeability and high abrasion resistance.