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Hydrogen recombiner
: Ledjeff, K.

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DE 1989-3908620 A: 19890316
DE 1989-3908620 A: 19890316
DE 3908620 C1: 19901004
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A hydrogen recombiner has a recombination tank (1) whose main axis (2) is basically aligned in parallel with the effect of gravity; the recombination tank features inlet valves (12), outlet valves (17) and catalyst surfaces (9) of a non-restrictive catalyst aligned in parallel with the main axis (2). The inlet valves (12) and the outlet valves (17) can be closed by a hydrogen detector arranged in the proximity of the inlet aperture (11). An electronic window circuit generates control signals for at least one closing motor for the inlet valves (12) and the outlet valves (17). The closing motor performs infinitely variable adjustment of the aperture width of the inlet valve (12) and the outlet valve (17). The lower limit of the window circuit is in the order of a few tenths of hydrogen concentration in air, and the upper limit is in the range of three to four per cent of the hydrogen concentration. At a hydrogen concentration outside the predefined window of the window circuit, a closing signal is generated for the valves (12, 17).