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Vorrichtungen und Verfahren zur Detektion von Leiterbahnunterbrechungen bei Solarmodulen

Break detecting method for strip conductors in solar panel modules - forming coupling of resonant circuit with induction coil to connection loop between solar cells and measurement transducer, measuring effect of coupling on resonant circuit characteristics.
: Schmidt, H.

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DE 1997-19701152 A: 19970115
DE 1997-19701152 A: 19970115
EP 1997-953664 A: 19971220
DE 19701152 C2: 20010215
EP 953154 B1: 20020911
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The method uses a resonance circuit (15) with an inductive coil (17). The coil can be inductively coupled to a conductor loop (11,20,21) between two adjacent solar cells of the solar module. A measurement transducer (19) is connected in the resonance circuit to record the affect of the coupling to the circuit loop on the characteristic values of the resonance circuit. The resonance circuit can be connected to an AC generator and consists of a series circuit or a parallel circuit of inductance coil and capacitor. The measurement transducer can be connected to a display system for indicating a strip conductor open circuit optically and/or acoustically USE - In production lines or towards end of guarantee periods. ADVANTAGE - Provides detection of breaks with off load solar modules at relatively low technical cost by coupling testing circuit inductively to strip conductor.