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Vorrichtung zur Vermessung der Rueckenspeckdicke und der Muskeldicke von Schlachttierhaelften

Device for measuring the thickness of saddle fat and muscle of slaughtered animal carcass halves
: Grohs, B.; Zimmermann, K.

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DE 1989-3915513 A: 19890512
DE 1989-3915513 A: 19890512
DE 3915513 C2: 19921112
Patent, Electronic Publication
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An ultrasonic converter for a device for the non-invasive measurement of the saddle fat thickness and the muscle thickness of pork carcass halves has a transmit converter (24) and a receive converter (25) in a housing (21) having coupling layers (26, 27) consisting of a multitude of waveguide elements (38) which extend between the upper limit (39) and the lower limit (40) of the coupling layers (36, 37). The waveguide elements (38) consist of flexible plastic, in particular PVC or polycarbonate. In this way, a flexible coupling layer is formed, permitting the dispensation of coupling media when ultrasonic measurements are performed on slaughtered animals.