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Vorrichtung zur Vereinzelung von Stabmaterial

Device for separating rod material
: Hoelldampf, K.; Schwarz, R.; Baumeister, K.

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DE 1987-3728625 A: 19870827
DE 1987-3728625 A: 19870827
DE 3728625 C2: 19911205
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A device which serves for the separation of rod material, in particular the fine separation of bent and/or entangled rod material, consists of two elements movable in the horizontal direction in relation to each other, forming a vertical shaft at the top of which is a funnel-shaped inlet and at the bottom end of which is a separating slide for the precise positioning of the individual rods. The funnel-shaped inlet is shaped by panels retained on the elements, whereby the opening angle formed by the panels is changeable to avoid the rod material from blocking itself.