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Verfahren zur Trennung von Gemischen mikroskopisch kleiner, in einer Fluessigkeit oder einem Gel suspendierter dielektrischer Teilchen und Vorrichtung zur Durchfuehrung des Verfahrens

Sepg. mixt. of microscopic dielectric particles, suspended in fluid or gel - comprises forcing particles into guidance tracks by means of HF electrical fields, subjecting to force with vertical component, etc.
: Benecke, W.; Wagner, B.; Hagedorn, R.; Fuhr, G.; Mueller, T.

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DE 4127405 A UPAB: 19930924 In a process to separate mixts. of microscopically small, dielectric particles where the particles are suspended in a fluid or gel, the particles are forced into guidance tracks by means of high frequency electrical fields at a microscopic distance; subjected to a further field force which has a component vertical to the guidance tracks; which exerts a force on a specific type of particle negating the force holding the particle within the guidance tracks and resulting in de-coupling from the track. USE/ADVANTAGE - The system achieving this sepn. is suited for integration within other systems, is of low cost, and can be integrated on the surface of silicon wafers. The assembly isolates small particles such as biological cells, cell organelles, biomolecules and organic dielectric particles. 0/6