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Vorrichtung zur Taktrueckgewinnung

Device for clock recovery
: Wang, Z.; Berroth, M.

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DE 1993-4338873 A: 19931113
DE 1993-4338873 A: 19931113
EP 1994-926093 A: 19940908
WO 1994-DE1044 W: 19940908
DE 4338873 C1: 19950608
EP 728391 B1: 19980729
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In a device (1) for recovering the clock signal from an input signal (3,4) subjected to AC voltage and formed from a data signal, it is intended in a feedback frequency filter to form a filter and amplifier unit (29) composed of several resonance amplifiers (22) connected in series. Contrary to resonance amplifiers (22) connected in series without feedback, the filter and amplifier unit (29) in the feedback loop has a total quality which basically increases linearly with the number and quality of the resonance amplifiers (22). Thus, the required high total quality of the filter and amplifier unit (29) is achievable with a device (1) for clock recovery with a relatively low number of resonance amplifiers (22) at low quality in comparison with the total quality. Of greater advantage, an edge detector (2), a frequency mixer (13) and the resonance amplifiers (22) have similar modules so that the device (1) is monolithically integratable with relatively less effort.