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Vorrichtung zur Plasmaerzeugung

Device for plasma generation
: Baenziger, U.; Neumann, G.; Scheer, H.C.

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DE 1994-4403125 A: 19940202
DE 1994-4403125 A: 19940202
EP 1995-906899 AW: 19950201
WO 1995-DE131 W: 19950201
DE 4403125 A1: 19950803
EP 742994 B1: 19980708
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The invention relates to a device for plasma generation by the inductive coupling of RF energy by means of an antenna. A problem of the purely inductive coupling is that electrical potentials which lead to a capacitive component of plasma generation occur on the antenna due to the finite inductance. This capacitive component is undesired since it leads to excessively high plasma potentials which have a negative impact on substrate treatment. The device according to the invention is characterized by an antenna which fully encloses the plasma production chamber in the form of a ring, whereby the two antenna feeders are linked to the ring and opposite points of the ring. A definite reduction in the capacitive component of the plasma generation compared with existing devices results from the low inductance of this antenna. The simple shape of the antenna permits a compact construction of the device. The main application of the device for plasma generation according to the invention is in t he plasma-assisted treatment of substrates in semiconductor production.