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Vorrichtung zur Messung der Oberflaechenspannung von Fluessigkeiten

Appliance for measuring surface tension of liquids - forces defined and programmable volume of liquid through syringe needle and determines surface tension from time taken for drops to fall from needle.
: Janocha, B.; Renzow, D.; Mueller, M.

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DE 1996-19646925 A: 19961113
DE 1996-19646925 A: 19961113
EP 1997-119792 A: 19971112
DE 19646925 C1: 19980716
EP 843170 A3: 19990407
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The appliance determines the time taken for drops of liquid forced through the needle (4) of a syringe to drop off as a measure of the surface tension. The liquid is fed to the syringe (2) through a feed pipe. A drive system (7,8) controlled by a control system (9) with stored programmes forces a defined volumetric flow through the needle into a measurement cell (5). The measurement cell is fitted with a photoelectric sensor to measure the piston speed and the dwell duration of drops on the needle from which the surface tension is measured. USE - With process baths, e.g. for monitoring the concentration of cleaning agents in aqueous cleaning baths, of residual surfactants in rinsing baths of cleansing plants , of wetting agents in galvanising baths, of cooling lubricants, of surface active substances in photographic baths and the concentration or detection of surface active substances in waste water, water treatment plants, etc ADVANTAGE - Can provide continuous or automatic monitoring with wide application particularly with process baths