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Vorrichtung zur kontinuierlichen Feuchtemessung in Wirbelschichten

Device for the continuous humidity measurement in fluidized bed
: Frisch, M.; Zimmermann, K.; Wiegele, B.

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DE 1987-3739538 A: 19871121
DE 1987-3739538 A: 19871121
DE 3739538 C2: 19921001
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The description refers to a device for the continuous humidity measurement of solids for chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications and/or applications in the foodstuffs industry. The device according to the invention is characterized by the fact that at least two concentric cylinders are provided for the measurement of humidity in fluidized beds, the axes of the cylinders of which are arranged about parallel to the flow of air, and an electronic control unit measures the electrical resistance and, if required, also the capacitance of the cylinder arrangement.