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Vorrichtung zur getrennten, gekapselten Aufnahme einer Mehrzahl gleicher oder unterschiedlicher Stoffe

Miniature encapsulation device for sensitive materials - has membrane-sealed cavities and electric heating system for membrane destruction.
: Roth, M.; Endres, H.-E.

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DE 1997-19716683 A: 19970421
DE 1997-19716683 A: 19970421
EP 1998-107137 A: 19980420
DE 19716683 C1: 19980604
EP 873789 A: 19981028
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In an apparatus (10) for separate encapsulation of several identical or different materials in closed cavities (8, 10) in a micro-mechanically produced structure, at least two of the cavities (8, 10) are separated by a membrane (5) which is formed by microsystem or thin film technology and which can be destroyed by an electric heater (7) of the apparatus in order to connect the cavities. USE - E.g. for encapsulating sensitive materials, such as chemical indicator materials, catalysts and medicaments. ADVANTAGE - The apparatus is miniaturised, can be mass produced and permits simple, contamination-free, rapid, event or time controlled, automatic mixing of two or more materials by explosive disintegration of a separating membrane.