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Vorrichtung zur gekapselten Aufnahme eines Materials

Electronically-breakable microencapsulation system for sensitive materials - comprises micro-engineered containers on substrate, covered using thin film technology and opened by micro-heater which disrupts film.
: Traenkler, H.R.; Roth, M.; Endres, H.-E.

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DE 1996-19610293 A: 19960315
DE 1996-19610293 A: 19960315
EP 1997-902246 AW: 19970128
WO 1997-EP373 A: 19970128
DE 19610293 C1: 19970731
EP 874691 B1: 19990526
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This novel unit houses a material (6) encapsulating it. Its recess (8) provides the housing on a micro-engineered base (1, 4). Enclosure is completed by the micro-engineered or thin-film membrane (5). On the membrane or in the recess, there is an electrical heating element (7). To expose the material, this disrupts the membrane. USE - Potential uses include an irreversible indicator only changing colour when required, a catalysed reaction only triggered by an electronic signal, or a medicament released in sequential doses, under control. ADVANTAGE - The method of encapsulation prevents contamination of the contents, but application of electric current rapidly opens the container. The devices can be produced en mass using modern micro-engineering technologies. Suitable provision may be included to verify opening, electronically.