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Vorrichtung zur Beaufschlagung eines Drahtendes in einer Drahtbondeinrichtung mit einem Schutzmedium

Fluid applicator for end of wire in wire bonding apparatus - directs flow of reduction or inert medium w.r.t. end of bonding wire by moving flow channels.
: Jung, E.; Kasulke, P.; Zakel, E.

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DE 1996-19604287 A: 19960207
DE 1996-19604287 A: 19960207
DE 19604287 C2: 19991209
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The applicator is intended for treatment of a wire end brought out from a bonding capillary. The bonding wire end (13) is engaged by the medium from a flow applicator device (26), which is preferably mobile, at least partly, such that it can carry out a to-and-fro motion with respect to the bonding wire (12) displacement path. Typically the flow applicator device comprises two partial devices (28,29) spaced on a common flow axis (40) to form an intermediate chamber. The bonding device (25) may contain a flame remover (30), movable along the applicator axis and locating with the partial device (5). USE/ADVANTAGE - For ball-wedge wire bonding device for coupling terminals of one or more substrates. Simple maintenance and removal of operational failures.