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Anordnung zur Messung des integralen Streulichtes

Setup for measuring integral scattered light
: Weiss, M.; Damm, C.; Leitel, A.

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DE 1991-4134817 A: 19911022
DE 1991-4134817 A: 19911022
DE 4134817 A1: 19930429
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Setup for the measurement of integral scattered light, preferably to determine surface roughness parameters and roughness anisotropy by means of a light source (1), illumination ray path (2), chopper (3), bundle-configuratoin optical system (23), sample support (21), optionally arranged diaphragm sector in front of the sample setup and preferably computer-supported display and evaluation unit (22), characterized by the fact that at least one integral photometer setup (8) is arranged containing at least one detector (13) which permits the detection of parts of the angle-resolved scattered light into individual angle areas by segmentation. The invention can be applied to surface measuring techniques and scattered light optical systems.