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Vorrichtung zum Wechseln von Garnwalzen

Condenser bobbin change appts. - has swing feed on the frame for automated operation.
: Hoelldampf, K.; Schwarz, R.; Hoyler, G.; Reichel, J.

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DE 1988-3806511 A: 19880301
DE 1988-3806511 A: 19880301
DE 3806511 C2: 19900215
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The bobbin change appts., particularly for condenser bobbins in a carded yarn double-sided ring spinner, has a feed pivoting on a generally horizontal axis on a frame of the spinner, with a holder for the condenser bobbin to be filled. A removal and advance mechanism moves in a generally vertical direction within the frame to engage the bobbin holder. The feed pref. has two symmetric swing clips at a gap from each other, each with a holder for the bobbin at the opposite ends to the swing axis, displaced by about the width of the condenser bobbin. Each holder is a shaped section, with a recess at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the clip, above a hook, so that the recess runs conically towards the hook. ADVANTAGE - The appts. gives an automated bobbin exchange action.