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Vorrichtung zum Verformen von Werkstuecken aus thermoplastischen Kunststoffen

Device for the deformation of workpieces made of thermoplastics
: Froehlich, S.; Hoffmann, J.; Egner, H.

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DE 1991-4109370 A: 19910322
DE 1991-4109370 A: 19910322
DE 4109370 A1: 19920924
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The description refers to a flexible heating core (1) for the performance of a process by which the amount of heat required for deformation is applied from the inside to the workpiece to be deformed. The heating core (1) is designed in such a way that a heating conductor coil (3) is located in an insulation sleeve (4), that it has a radially expandable jacket (2), and that the jacket (2) and the insulation sleeve (4) together form a chamber (6) to receive liquid media.