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Vorrichtung zum Speichern und Oberflaechenbearbeiten von Werkstuecken

Device for the storage and surface treatment of workpieces
: Boley, D.; Maier, D.

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DE 1990-4008503 A: 19900316
DE 1990-4008503 A: 19900316
EP 1991-905959 AW: 19910316
WO 1991-DE227 W: 19910316
DE 4008503 A1: 19910919
EP 519977 B1: 19940817
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The description refers to a device for the storage and also for the transportation of workpieces comprising at least one container which has at least one receiving place for a workpiece that is deposited in the container through a loading opening. The invention is characterized by a processing device for the surface treatment of the workpiece by means of a processing fluid or granulate, the fluid output connection of which can be connected to an inlet opening provided in the container.