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Vorrichtung zum Sortieren- bzw. Verteilen von Stueckguetern

Device for sorting and distributing piece goods - involves goods identifiable by detection unit according to predetermined characteristics, and driven rotary plate device.
: Schmidt, T.

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DE 1996-19616301 A1: 19960425
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DE 1997-29724652 U: 19970423
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The rotary plate device has a locating surface in the form of a blunt cone (DT) with a conveyor unit (ZF) and a total of 16 issue points (AB) distributed in two planes around the rotary plate devices. The rotary plate locating surface is rotated around a rotary axis (DA) by a drive in a specific direction (DR). The conveyed piece goods (FG1) are fed by at least one conveyor (ZF) onto the locating surface of the rotary plate device. The conveyor points can be both outside the rotary plate device and inside it. The locating surface of the rotary plate device is divided into 24 segments. ADVANTAGE - Construction of device is as compact as possible, involves reduced structural expense and simple technology.