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Vorrichtung zum Richten von Drahtanschluessen

Device for straightening leads
: Schweigert, U.; Wolf, E.

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DE 1987-3735799 A: 19871022
DE 1987-3735799 A: 19871022
DE 3735799 C2: 19920507
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The description refers to a process and a device for straightening the leads of components to a reference position and in particular of electronic components radially arranged leads in a pitch. The process according to the invention is characterized by the combination of the following features: - The leads are deformed in a vertical plane to the reference position along at least two lines subtending an angle in the partial plastic region, - along a line, at least two opposing deformations take place, - the deformation strokes of the deformations prior to the last deformation along a line are so large that all leads have deformations in the same direction before the final deformation, - the deformation stroke of the last deformation is aligned opposite to the dimensional deviation and is so large that the elastic resilience of the leads is compensated. The device according to the invention preferably has a two-part alignment plate.