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Vorrichtung zum Palettieren und/oder Sortieren von Stueckguetern

Device for palletizing and/or sorting piece goods
: Jordan, G.; Volz, H.

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DE 1990-4026449 A: 19900821
DE 1990-4026449 A: 19900821
EP 1991-914808 A: 19910821
DE 4026449 C2: 19920903
EP 544733 B1: 19940615
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The description refers to a device for the palletization and/or sorting of unit loads of different sizes, presented in any sequence and in any mixture ratio, into transportation and/or storage units, said device consisting of an intermediate store, in which the unit loads can be buffered before palletization, a detection system which detects the shape and size of the individual unit loads, and a multi-axis handling and positioning unit which grabs the unit loads stored in the intermediate store and deposits them on the transportation and storage unit at a location specified by an evaluation and control unit. The invention is characterized by the fact that the intermediate store is a conveyor belt, which is movable in two directions and on which individual unit loads can be arranged in at least one row in any sequence without any fixed position allocation, that the evaluation and control unit also detects the precise location of the unit loads on the conveyor belt and the conveyor belt moves in such a way that the unit loads can be removed from the conveyor belt at specified points in free access.