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Vorrichtung zum ortsaufgeloesten, zerstoerungsfreien Untersuchen von magnetischen Kenngroessen

Device for the high-sensitivity resolution non-destructive examination of magnetic parameters
: Altpeter, I.; Theiner, W.; Gessner, M.

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DE 1992-4235387 A: 19921021
DE 1992-4235387 A: 19921021
EP 1993-116597 A: 19931014
DE 4235387 C1: 19940324
EP 595117 B1: 19980513
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An induction sensor (1) with a local resolution in the microstructure range and a Hall probe (14) record the Barkhausen noise curve to be stored in an intermediate memory (40) at every location moved by a positioning device (22) at a distance controlled by a control circuit over the surface of a test unit (30). By allocating the corresponding parameters to the measuring locations to the characteristic parameters of the Barkhausen noise curve filtered by a discriminator (41), the natural voltage and structural condition of the test unit surface is displayed in an output device (45) at a resolution in the microstructure range