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Vorrichtung zum Magnetfeld-unterstuetzten Ionenaetzen von Substraten

Device for the ion etching of substrates supported by magnetic fields
: Mueller, P.

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DE 1988-3801205 A: 19880118
DE 1988-3801205 A: 19880118
DE 3801205 C2: 19920116
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The description refers to a device for the ion etching of substrates supported by magnetic fields having an electrode configuration to which a high-frequency voltage is applied, said voltage ionizing a gas in a recipient, and adjacent to the cathode of which the substrate is arranged, and having a magnet configuration for the generation of a static magnetic field. The device according to the invention is characterized by the magnet configuration to produce a specially extended field around the cathode, whose field lines run parallel to the electrical field lines of the DC self bias, having two annular ion-free coils, having cathodes arranged at the top and the bottom whose spacing to the cathodes are identical, the symmetrical axis of the electrode configuration having a cylindrical geometry coinciding with the central axis of the coils.