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Vorrichtung zum Ladungsaustausch zwischen einer Vielzahl von in Reihe geschalteten Energiespeichern oder -wandlern

Device for exchanging charge between a large number of energy stores or energy transducers switched in series
: Schmidt, H.

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DE 1994-4427077 A: 19940730
DE 1994-4427077 A: 19940730
EP 1995-921706 A: 19950613
EP 1995-921706 AW: 19950613
WO 1995-DE791 A: 19950613
DE 4427077 C1: 19960321
EP 772785 B1: 20000119
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The invention relates to a process and a device for the exchange of charge between a large number of identical energy stores (1) switched in series, whereby at least one electrical store (2) is connected in the clock cycle alternately in parallel to the energy stores (1). Thereby, every electrical switch (2) is formed from a capacitive element (2) charged from the energy stores (1). The capacitive elements (2) are switched in the known clock cycle in parallel to one of the identical energy stores (1) in such a way that all identical energy stores (1) are switched in each clock cycle individually in parallel to a capacitive element (2), whereby a direct energy flow is possible from a store (1) with a higher voltage to a store (2) with a lower charge voltage. The process and the device can be used for energy stores (1) such as rechargeable batteries and for energy transducers, for example in the form of fuel cells, for compensating charge.