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Vorrichtung zum Einfuehren der einzuziehenden Saiten beim Bespannen von Ballschlaegerrahmen

Device for threading in strings for rackets for ball sports
: Wagner, T.; Schweigert, U.

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DE 1992-4225474 A: 19920801
DE 1992-4225474 A: 19920801
DE 4225474 C1: 19930916
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A device for stringing rackets for sports such as tennis, squash and badminton, said device being used in particular for threading in the strings in the provided bores of the racket and for pulling through the threaded string, consists of a feed unit and a guide unit acting with the former. The feed unit is designed either as a drivable roller or belt conveyor, whereby two roller wheels or continuous belts which are provided with a centre groove running along the perimeter and which is retained against a common frame so that they can be brought together friction-tight. The guide unit has gripping elements which are designed as releasable funnel-shaped guide jaws. The feed and guide units can be arranged together on a handling system for the partial or fully automatic stringing of rackets for ball sports.