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Vorrichtung zum automatischen Betanken von Kraftfahrzeugen in einer Befuellstation

Device for the automatic filling of vehicle fuel tanks at a filling station
: Drunk, G.; Schmid, S.; Hug, C.; Forster, S.; Merklinger, A.

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DE 1991-4113806 A: 19910427
DE 1991-4113806 A: 19910427
DE 4113806 C2: 19970116
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A remote sensor is provided on a dispensing device in a filling station acting as a coarse positioning device which tests the distance to the body surface of the vehicle and the presence of an open tank flap. In order to initiate the filling process, the driver must enter an identification card in a card reader. With the device, it will be able to determine the precise location of the filling nozzle for the automatic filling of the vehicle irrespective of the type of vehicle or its dimensions. In order to be able to fill a wide variety of different vehicles automatically, the vehicle has a positioning element which can be scanned by a transmit and receive device. The transmit and receive device is connected to a computer which determines the exact location of the filling nozzle in relation to the dispensing device in conjunction with information provided by a data carrier on the vehicle. The device is suitable for the automatic filling of a wide variety of vehicles.