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Vorrichtung zum Auftragen elektrochemisch abscheidbarer Schichten

Device for the application of electrochemical deposition layers
: Bolch, T.; Semrau, W.

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DE 1995-19500727 A: 19950112
DE 1995-19500727 A: 19950112
DE 19500727 C1: 19960523
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a device for applying electrochemical deposition layers on surfaces of cylindrical or other rotational-symmetrical, cathodic switched components using at least a roller-shaped, porous body movable in relation to the components, said porous body or bodies contacting the surface of the component, whereby electrolyte is flushed or sprayed on the component through the roller-shaped body or bodies. With it/them, it is possible to apply the desired layer thickness electrochemically onto components with cylindrical or rotational-symmetrical contour/shape with a small thickness scatter within a specified tolerance range in such a way that no post-processing is required. The problem is solved by moving roller-shaped body or bodies (4) along the component (1) surface to be coated by means of a wheel epicyclic gearing, rotating simultaneously and measuring the mass of the component (1) in relation to the applied layer, whereby the coating process is interrupted when the d esired mass within a specified tolerance is reached.