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Vorrichtung zum Anheben der Bauchdecke fuer die Durchfuehrung endoskopischer Untersuchungen sowie chirurgischer Operationen

Refined steel appliance for raising abdominal wall for endoscopic examination and surgical operation - has manipulation piece connected to pitched spiral section via transition piece and dome-shaped enclosing end at base.
: Volz, J.; Klicker, M.; Schuck, H.; Paul, V.; Meyer, J.-U.

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DE 1995-19547772 A: 19951220
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WO 1996-DE2381 W: 19961210
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A spiral section (2) has at least one coil with pitch. One end is the distal end with a larger spiral diameter in a vertical projection than the proximal side part of the spiral section. The proximal end leads into a manipulation section (5). The pitch of the spiral shaped part runs towards its distal end. The spiral shaped section has an outer shape with dome-shaped enclosing end (4). The manipulation section is in one piece with the spiral section. The transition part between the manipulation and spiral sections has flat bends with bending radii of 14 millimetres and more. ADVANTAGE - The stomach wall is not exposed to high stresses during the lifting process, thereby eliminating traumatic changes in tissue.