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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Ueberpruefung einer Oberflaeche einer optischen Komponente

Checking surface of an optical component - directs light beams on component surface with all reflected light monitored by sensor.
: Stock, A.; Grimme, R.; Dettmann, H.

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DE 1997-19716228 A: 19970418
DE 1997-19716228 A: 19970418
DE 19716228 C2: 20020221
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The appliance has a number of light sources (8,9) generating a light beam directed on to the surface of the optical component (2). A light sensor (6) monitors the light beam reflected from the surface. The light sources from a three-dimensional arrangement in the space above the component surface and their light beams are all directed on to the surface. All the light beams reflected from the surface are monitored by the sensor. The light sources can be arranged symmetrically with equal spacings between them or they can form a circle with its entire vertically above that of the component. USE - For checking the surfaces of lens for scratches or other irregularities. Provision of several light beams with all reflected light monitored makes appliance suitable for checking all surfaces whether spheroidal, aspheric or planar.