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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Reinigung der Rumpfaussenflaeche von Schiffen

Method of cleaning watercraft hull exterior esp for sports boat - has hull raised and winches used to drive water jet projectors around hull.
: Hornemann, M.; Fuernrohr, M.

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DE 1997-19734073 A: 19970806
DE 1997-19734073 A: 19970806
DE 19734073 C1: 19981112
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The method involves projecting a high pressure water jet over the surface of the hull which is raised out of the water. The lift to raise the hull out of the water for cleaning has at least two upwardly open U-shaped profiled supports (2). These have movable carriages (4,4') ,attached to each facing upper U-shank (2,2'') with winches each having a support strap (6). The cleaning jet has at least two water jet nozzles movable along and perpendicular to the marine vessel longitudinal axis and each positioned on the opposing sides of the hull. ADVANTAGE - Allows reduced manual cleaning of the hull.