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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Foerderung von draht- bzw. stabfoermigem Schweisszusatzmaterial unterschiedlicher Durchmesser ohne Rollenwechsel

Device and process for the conveyance of wire or bar-shaped welding filler material of different diameters without changing rollers
: Berkmanns, J.

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DE 1994-4420706 A: 19940614
DE 1994-4420706 A: 19940614
DE 4420706 A1: 19951221
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The invention relates to a device and a process for the conveyance of material, in particular wire- or bar-shaped welding filler material, of different diameters or cross-sectional measurements having one or several permanently integrated feed rollers, i.e. without changing rollers. Said device is characterized by the fact that the profiles of a drive and an associated counterpressure roller are matched to each other in such a way that the frictional connection is not only ensured with large cross-sectional measurements (e.g. large diameters) of the material to be fed, but also for small cross-sectional measurements (e.g. small wire thicknesses) by the intermeshing of the profiles of the two rollers. This is achieved, for example, by a V groove and a trapezoidal mating profile. The main advantages are the guidance function exerted simultaneously with the feed function, the comparably low deformation op the conveyed material and the adjustable feed velocity which is almost indepedent of the cross-sectional measurements (e.g. wire diameters) of the material as a result of the suitable design of the roller diameter and the roller profiles.