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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Bilderzeugung bei der digitalen dentalen Radiographie

Digital radiographic system especially for dental treatment - contains X-ray source and semiconductor sensor assembly with scintillator layer and eliminates differences in dark current and efficiency of light conversion.
: Schmitt, P.; Kostka, G.; Scholz, O.; Bauer, N.; Hanke, R.F.

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DE 1996-19615178 A: 19960417
DE 1996-19615178 A: 19960417
DE 19615178 C2: 19980702
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The system includes a CCD sensor assembly which has a constant irradiation geometry which respect to a X-ray source. The electric signals, generated by the sensor assembly, are corrected to compensate fluctuations of individual element signals, representing an object image. The compensation deals with dark current, different conversion efficiency, and inhomogeneity of the scintillator layer. A temperature control keeps the sensor assembly at a constant temperature and preferably contains a heating element which is fitted to the senor assembly. ADVANTAGE - Prevents image quality reductions.