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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zum Spritzgiessen von Kunststoffteilen mit Hinterschneidungen oder Hohlraeumen

Injection moulding of plastic parts with undercuts - uses solid carbon di oxide as core material which sublimes as soon as injection pressure is released.
: Elsner, P.; Eyerer, P.; Stockmayer, P.

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DE 1996-19640510 A: 19961001
DE 1996-19640510 A: 19961001
DE 19640510 C1: 19980416
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Synthetic components with undercuts are injection moulded in a tool with at least two parts. The undercuts are formed by special mould parts in the form of loose cores of a sublimating substance. The cores are placed in position while in the solid state and transformed into gas after injection and opening of the tool. Also claimed are similar sublimating cores for forming hollow regions open to the surface of the component. USE - Forming re-entrant regions in plastic injection mouldings. ADVANTAGE - Avoids need for multiple slides or solid cores which have to be removed after moulding.