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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zum Hybridisieren und Detektieren von DNS-Sonden-Sequenzen an auf Traegern immobilisiert aufgebrachten DNS (Desoxyribonucleinsaeure)-Sequenzen

Appts for automatic hybridising and detection of DNA sequences - has immobilised DNA sequences on carriers to the treated with a biochemically active medium for changes to be registered.
: Dobler, H.; Hoelldampf, K.; Bancroft, D.

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DE 1997-19710712 A: 19970314
DE 1997-19710712 A: 19970314
DE 19710712 A1: 19980917
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The apparatus to hybridise and detect deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) probe sequences from immobilised DNA sequences on a carrier, has a holder which can be charged with a number of carriers, which are separated and transferred to a transport system. The carriers are moved individually through a station where they are treated with an application of a biochemically active medium. A detection unit registers changes in the immobilised DNA sequences, and the carriers are stacked in a holding station. Also claimed is an operation where the carriers are moved by the transport system in steps, with the carrier surfaces with the immobilised DNA sequences aligned upwards. The carriers are moved in steps through a scanner to record the carrier identities, before they are individually sprayed with at least one biochemically active medium. After passing through a detection unit, to register changes in the immobilised DNA sequences, the carriers are stacked in a holding station. USE - The appts. is use d in gene technology applications. ADVANTAGE - The system gives an automatic hybridising operation, with a high throughput at separate filters to be detected. It can take different filters for study, in series, each with different probes, for hybridising and analysis. It meets the requirements for high purity with no risk of cross contamination between the filters. It has a flexible working system, with individual operating steps, which would otherwise be performed manually.