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Volume Interaction Techniques in the Virtual Simulation of Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

: Cai, W.; Sakas, G.; Karangelis, G.

Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics:
Graphicon '99. Proceedings : Moskau 26. August - 1. September 1999
Moscow, 1999
ISBN: 5-89209-436-7
International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision (Graphicon) <9, 1999, Moscow>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
interaction; radiotherapy; volume rendering; Volume visualisation

The simulation of Radiotherapy Treatment Planning (RTP) in a normal procedure in oncology clinics carried out on the Simulator: The Virtual Simulation of RTP replaces the real Simulator with a virtual one, and uses the 3D CT data set of a patient, including the external patient's skin landmarks, instead of a real patient body. In this paper, we present a VS, named EXOMIO, which is based on volume rendering techniques, including DRR, MIP, gradient surface, and isosurface, to simulate not only the real Simulator motion and display, but supply the physicians with different visualisation tools to observe the relationship between tumour site and its surroundings. Besides the commonly used interaction techniques, some volume interaction techniques on volume rendering images are introduced in detail: a novel interactive landmarks registration method, the display of beam projection on patient skin, interactive delineation, and interactive field setting on DRR image. As aresult, interaction bas ed on volume rendering images supplies a more realistic and accurate working environment for Virtual Simulation.