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A visualization and simulation system for environmental purposes

: Groß, M.; Kühn, V.

CGI '91, MIT, Boston
CGI <1991>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
animation; computer graphic; environmental protection; Particle-Based Modelling; Scientific visualisation; simulation; terrain modelling; user interface

In this paper we describe an integrated software system applicable in the area of environment research. It contains a modelling tool to geometrically describe terrain via a digital terrain model as well as pollution sources and other environment objects. A simulation module based on particle systems is used to analyse the distribution behavior of the pollutants and interactions between them approximate its behavior. Physical laws based on Newtonian Mechanics control the interactions between neighboring particles. The interactions are microscopic that means they define the relation between atomic representatives to get the global or macroscopic behavior of the whole particle system. The execution of the physical laws is synchronized with an internal clock. The visualization module provides new paradigms and scientific visualization techniques adapted to environmental applications. Sophisticated particle animations considering time as a fourth dimension help the user to interact with our system. An OSF-MOTIF user interface supports the dialogue in practice.