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Visual simulation of the geodesic and non-geodesic trajectories of the filament winding

: Simoes, J.A.O.; Wu, S.-T.; Loseries, F.

Teixeira, J.C.; Göbel, M.:
Graphics Modeling and Visualization in Science and Technology
Berlin: Springer, 1993
ISBN: 3-540-55965-5
Book Article
Fraunhofer IGD ()
curve; filament; geodesic; geometrical; hybrid; interactive; interface; revolution; simulation; structure; surface; topology; winding

To improve the efficiency of the winding process its simulation is necessary. Through the simulation, not only the most appropriate filament winding for a specific purpose can be chosen, but also wrong winding configurations can e avoided as well. An interactive environment for the analysis of the filament winding process has been developed and is described in this paper. Suitable algorithms for computing geodesic and non-geodesic trajectories are presented.