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Virtual Engineering

: Maentylae, M.; Ranta, M.; Kress, H.

Dunson, T.; Rossignac, J.; Hoffmann, C.M.; Bronsvort, W.:
TeamCAD: GVU/NIST Workshop on Collaborative Design 1997. Proceedings
Atlanta, Ga.: Georgia Institute of Technology, 1997
TeamCAD <1997, Atlanta, Georgia>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Product Modelling; Shared Ontology; virtual engineering; Virtual Enterprises

Virtual Engineering refers to the scenario where several independent partners perform product development or production engineering in co-operation - that is, engineering in a virtual enterprise. Similarly to the related concept "concurrent engineering", virtual engineering must cover all life-cycle stages and issues of a product. However, virtual engineering recognises explicitly the fundamental differences between the life-cycle viewpoints of a product, and aims at solutions that can work on the basis of distributed heterogeneous information. In particular, it recognises the central position of shared ontologies as a basis of integration. This position paper outlines the industrial and research challenges of virtual engineering, some major methodologies that contribute to it, and the ongoing work at Fraunhofer-IGD and HUT.