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Virtual Design II - an advanced VR development environment

: Astheimer, P.; Göbel, M.

Göbel, M.:
Virtual environments '95. Selected papers of the Eurographics Workshops in Barcelona, Spain, 1993, and Monte Carlo, Monaco, 1995
Wien: Springer, 1995 (Springer computer science)
ISBN: 3-211-82737-4
Eurographics Workshop on Virtual Environments <2, 1995, Monte Carlo>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
acoustic simulation; photorealism; radiosity; scientific visualisation; virtual prototyping; virtual reality

This paper presents an overview of virtual reality system technology and its application within the Fraunhofer Demonstration Centre for VR. The Virtual Design II development environment including various pre-processing and editing tools is introduced and its benefit for the realization of efficient and high-quality virtual worlds is highlighted. A broad range of applications realized wwith Virtual Desing II demonstrate the usability of virtual reality technology, which enables new dimensions in computer-supported applications.