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Anisotropes Aetzverfahren mit elektrochemischem Aetzstop

Anisotropic etching process comprising electrochemical etching stop
: Benecke, W.; Loechel, B.; Schnakenberg, U.

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DE 1988-3805752 A: 19880224
DE 1988-3805752 A: 19880224
DE 3805752 A1: 19890831
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The description refers to an anisotropic etching process for the etching of semiconducting materials by means of electrochemical etching stop. It is suitable for the production of micromechanical devices. Through the use of an alkali metal ion-free etching medium, this process is suitable for use in cleanrooms and is compatible with the production methods in the semiconductor industry. Thus micromechanical devices and integrated circuits can be integrated adjacently on common semiconductor surfaces on an industrial scale.