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Video Applications in the Era of Computer Networks - Computer and Video = Multimedia?

: Gerfelder, N.


Moving Images: Meeting the Challenges
SMPTE Technical Conference and World Media Expo <137, 1995, New Orleans>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
High-Definition Multimedia; Interactive Multimedia Services; Network-based Video Applications; Still Video

The areas of television, telecommunication, and information technolgy are converging, new services are establishing and new application areas arise. Aside from traditional delivery channels, computer networks play an increasing role for providing the new services. An important part of these services are based on video. However, to develop and establish such services, the differences between traditional video and multimedia applications, as well as the requirements, limitations, and possibilities for an integrational use of both have to be understood. The question arises in which way video can be included to fulfill the requirements for new, value added services, different and more powerful than existing services such as TV, electronic mail or CD-ROM applications. This paper presents a classification scheme, together with a requirements analysis regarding communication channels, interaction mechanisms, quality, and parameter settings for a useful development of new computer-based multim edia applications. As new concepts of multimedia and hypermedia applications, the use of "still video" for Internet-based applications and the integrational use of static information, e.g. on CD-ROM, are presented. The discussion on requirements and applications for multimeda systems leads to the definition of "High-Definition Multimedia". Aspects of High-Definition Mulitmedia Systems will be discussed at the end of this paper.