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Verstehen von Software

Leistungsanforderungen an CARE-Werkzeuge für ein praktikables (industrielles) Reeengineering von Anwendungssystemen
: Witschurke, R.; Löwe, M.

Lehner, F.:
Softwarewartung und Reengineering. Erfahrungen und Entwicklungen
Wiesbaden: Deutscher Universitätsverlag, 1996 (Gabler Edition Wissenschaft. Information Engineering and IV-Controlling)
ISBN: 3-8244-6294-X
Book Article
Fraunhofer ISST ()
CARE-tool; CARE-Werkzeug; FORTRAN-understanding; FORTRAN-Verstehen; reengineering; reverse engineering; software engineering

In order to improve a software system's usage and maintenance, or to make the system accommodate changes in business structures or technical requirements, it is necessary to have an understanding of both the system itself and of the tasks and procedures for which the System is used. Here, the term understanding refers to the creative process carried out by the software re-engineer. This process can benefit from the use of tools supporting software understanding. Tools which integrate both the collection and evaluation of data relevant to system understanding, and which also permit further processing of this information (if necessary) would be of particular use. Methods and techniques for the realisation of interactive tools supporting re-engineering activities are currently being researched at the Fraunhofer ISST, Berlin