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Verschleissfeste, anlassbestaendige und warmfeste Legierung

New wear resistant iron -molybdenum -tungsten alloy - contg. carbide-formers, useful for hot working tools and coatings.
: Li, F.

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DE 1995-19508947 A: 19950313
DE 1995-19508947 A: 19950313
DE 19508947 A1: 19960919
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Novel wear- and temper-resistant, high hot strength alloy has the compsn. (by wt.) 10-35% Mo and/or 20-50% W; 0.6-6% C; 5-25% V, Ti, Zr, Nb and/or Ta; 0-20% Cr; 0-12% Co; 0-8% Ni; 0-5% Si; 0-5% Al; 0-5% Mn; 0-5% Cu; 0-2% B; 0-0.5% N; balance at least 30% Fe and impurities, with the provisos that (a) the total Mo+W concn. has a minimum value increasing linearly from 10% to 20% with increasing W content and a max. value increasing linearly from 35% to 50% with increasing W content; (b) the ratio of C atoms to total number of V, Ti, Zr, Nb and/or Ta atoms is 0.5-2; and (c) the total Cr, Co, Ni, Si, Al, Mn, Cu, B and N concn. is max. 25%. Also claimed are prodn. processes for the above alloy in which the alloy is produced by melting or powder metallurgy and then either rapidly cooled or nitrided to increase wear resistance and strength. USE - Esp. for prodn. of hot working tools or for surface coatings on such tools. ADVANTAGE - The iron-based alloy is simple and inexpensive to mfr. by var ious methods (e.g. casting, powder metallurgy or deposition processes) and has simultaneously high values of wear resistance, tempering resistance and hot strength.