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Trends in packaging
: Langowski, H.-C.

Aufbruch in die Kreislaufwirtschaft. Neue Wege im Umweltmanagement für Industrie und Handel. Produktivitätsfaktor Nr.1 für das Unternehmen mit Zukunft. Vortragsmanuskripte. 2. Umweltsymposium der Süddeutschen Zeitung
Diessen: Prisma, 1993
Umweltsymposium <2, 1993, München>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
bioabbaubare Verpackung; biodegradable packaging; ecological aspect; economical aspect; flexible packaging; flexible Verpackung; ökologischer Aspekt; ökonomischer Aspekt; Optimierung; optimization

Today, packaging development is a multidimensional task between image economical and ecological aspects and legislative facts. It is shown that development strategies are much dependent on the specific application; generalizations are virtually impossible. Conditions for the success of flexible packaging systems are: Systems with high material input will be substituted, stable returnable transit packaging systems will be introduced waste management strategies will be opened into the direction of energy recovery. Conditions for a possible success of biodegradable packagings: Biological methods for use of biowaste will be widely introduced with broad acceptance by the population and by the government. However, a conversion to usable substances (biogas, high quality compost) has to be attained. For both classes of packaging systems, the key target is to attain a good functionality. As a method to improve functional properties, barrier coating with thin inorganic layer is shown as an example.