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Die Verfolgung von Unternehmenszielen in der Fraktalen Fabrik

Alle ziehen an einem Strang
: Förster, T.; Widmaier, G.

IO-Management 65 (1996), No.12, pp.75-79
ISSN: 0019-9281
ISSN: 1422-3600
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFF ()
complexity; Eigenverantwortung; Flexibilität; flexibility; Fractal Company; Fraktale Fabrik; Führung; goal agreement; goal discussion; integration of employees; Komplexität; Kongruenzprinzip; management; Mitarbeiterintegration; objectives; principle of congruence; process design; Prozeßgestaltung; self-responsibility; Zieldiskussion; Zielvereinbarung

Enterprises have to face new demands and to master permanently changing tasks. Management by delegation isn't possible if the tasks are changing so fast that the specification of tasks isn't possible in a current way anymore. In a Fractal Company the idea of how to manage a production unit is different to traditional methods. Management of Fractal Organizational Units means management by objectives and control of reaching the agreed goals. To get an agreed goal will be more important than the fulfilment of single tasks. Setting up this principle in a company is not possible overnight. The following article shows that it depends on a lot of soft facts, e.g. integration of employees and a different style of leadership, and hard facts, e.g. suitable methods, characteristics and their optical presentation. The represented method for creating a consistent system of goals and successful guidance by goals consists of four steps: formulation of enterprise goals, examination of the formulated g oals and realization of necessary reorganizing measures, agreement of clear goals, guidance by goals.