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Verfahren zur Wiedergewinnung von Spaenen und Fasern aus Holzwerkstoffreststuecken, Altmoebeln, Produktionsrueckstaenden, Abfaellen und anderen holzwerkstoffhaltigen Materialien

Process for the recycling of chips and fibres from residual timber pieces, old furniture, production residue, waste and other materials containing wood
: Michanickl, A.; Boehme, C.

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DE 1994-4408788 A: 19940315
DE 1995-19509152 A: 19950314
EP 1995-913030 A: 19950314
WO 1995-DE360 W: 19950314
DE 19509152 A1: 19951026
EP 697941 B2: 20020717
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The description refers to a process for the recycling of chips and fibres made of residual timber pieces glued by means of urea-formaldehyde binding agents or by means of other hydrolizable or chemically digestible binding agents, old furniture, production residue, waste and other wood-containing materials, by which the wood materials are digested at high temperature. In a first step of the process, the wood pieces are impregnated with a saturation or impregnating solution and are subjected to preliminary swelling until they have accepted at least 50 percent of their intrinsic weight in impregnating solution, and, in a second step, the impregnated wooden pieces are heated to between 80 degrees C to 120 degrees C. The wooden pieces digested in this way are then sorted by a sieve and/or an air classifier. The wooden pieces have an edge length of at least 10 to 20 cm. In an advanced development, the process proposes that the impregnation takes place at the same time as the wooden pieces a re heated.