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Verfahren zur Werkstoffpruefung von beschichteten Werkstoffen

Coated workpiece material characteristics testing system - uses cross-correlation between signals obtained from tested component and reference component using same sound source and detector.
: Schneider, D.

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DE 1996-19612925 A: 19960401
DE 1996-19612925 A: 19960401
EP 1997-103433 A: 19970303
DE 19612925 C1: 19970522
EP 800056 A: 19971008
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The testing system uses a sound source (1) directing sound waves onto the component at a position which is free from edge effects, for stimulating surface waves detected via a detector (2) at a relatively spaced point, for providing a corresponding electrical signal. The electrical signal is stored for cross-correlation with a corresponding signal obtained from a reference component using the same sound source and detector positioned at the same relative spacing (x1), with evaluation of the envelope curve of the cross-correlation function. ADVANTAGE - Reliably checks that component material characteristics are within normal range.