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Verfahren zur Verbindung eines Bauelements mit einem Substrat und eine damit hergestellte elektrische Schaltung

Bonding component to substrate especially by flip-chip technique - using substrate opening to allow subsequent cleaning, back-filling or permanent access to environment.
: Oppermann, H.; Azdasht, G.

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DE 1997-19719370 A1: 19970507
DE 1998-19810060 A: 19980309
DE 19810060 A1: 19981112
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A component (100) is bonded to a substrate (102) by solder (110) while the component is positioned above a through-opening (104) in the substrate so that an interspace (112) is created between the component and the substrate. An epoxy resin may be used for a back-fill and an optional barrier between the component and the substrate. Also claimed is an electric circuit having a substrate (102), with surface connection pads (118) arranged around an opening (104), and a component (100) having a corresponding arrangement of connection pads (114), the component being bonded to the substrate by the above method. USE - Especially for flip-chip bonding of gas sensors, humidity sensors, chemical sensors or other sensors which require direct atmosphere access, actuators, memory devices (e.g. EPROMs) or h.f. components which require air as a surrounding dielectric medium. ADVANTAGE - The substrate opening allows temporary or permanent access to the substrate-facing side of the component, thus faci litating cleaning and air inclusion-free back-filling of the gap between the component and the substrate and allowing flip-chip bonding of sensors or h.f. components.