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Verfahren zur Uebertragung und/oder Speicherung digitaler Signale mehrerer Kanaele

Process for the transmission and/or storage of digital signals of several channels
: Eberlein, E.; Herre, J.; Grill, B.; Seitzer, D.; Brandenburg, K.

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DE 1992-4236989 A: 19921102
DE 1992-4236989 A: 19921102
EP 1993-923455 A: 19931102
WO 1993-DE1047 W: 19931102
DE 4236989 C2: 19941117
EP 667063 B1: 19960925
EP 667063 B2: 20050413
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The description refers to a process for the transmission and/or storage of digital signals of several channels. The process is especially suitable for the transmission of the five channels of 3/2 stereophony and for the transmission of two stereo channels and three additional reporting channels. Thus, for example, television programmes with multi-lingual audio signals can be transmitted. The process is characterized by the fact that, by reducing the transmitted data, only a bit rate of 384 kbit/s is required for transmission. The data reduction is achieved by mapping K input channels segment by segment onto N <= K virtual spectral data channels, by quantizing, encoding and transmitting the spectral data channels taking into consideration the laws of psychoacoustics, and by reproducing K output channels from the transmitted bit stream from the N <= K spectral data channels using a list transmitted with the bit stream.